A Little “Faith” Is All you Need! 😉

Advocate for Transformational Change, Certified Hypnotherapist, Holistic Practitioner, Personal Development Therapist, Motivator & Inspirational Speaker, Entertainer, Singer Songwriter, DJ & Music Producer, Marketing, Web, Graphic & Creative Designer, Culinary Whizz & Restauranteur, Photographer, Videographer, Filmmaker & Director
  • Live The Life You Love, Love The Live You Live


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Love Is The Key

No matter what your attempting to achieve in life, whether it be to become a Grammy winning recording artist or something as simple as wanting to shed a couple of pounds before summer, no matter what your personal goals are Love Is the Key. Find out why.


Have you ever taken the time to sit down for a moment & truly thought about what it really is that your heart desires? What do you want out of your life? Are you living your dream life? When you look in the mirror are you happy with what you see?

Spread Love Not Hate

The power to change this planet is in OUR hands. Love, Peace and Happiness is achievable for all as long as we allow Love to lead the way. Spread Love not Hate, together we can make a difference. It is not too late, join the movement today.


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  • “Change the Perception you change the Reception”

    Faith Chase

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FaithChase.com Official Site Reboot!


FaithChase.com Official Site Reboot!

Contact Home Latest News News One Call   Its hard to believe that it has been well over 2 years since faithchase.com was originally launched. It was a tiled style looking website that looked allot like Windows 8, which subsequently is probably one of the main reasons why either you really loved it or not so much. Lucky for me though my creative efforts was appreciated by most so the website remained live & untouched…

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